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This is the amount of money that is deposited into your QUIDBIT.CO.UK ACCOUNT for a 'Qualifying Transaction' via the quidbit.co.uk website.

Tracked Purchases

Tracked Purchases are those transactions that can be traced directly to your quidbit.co.uk account by means of an identification tag, as communicated to us via our RETAIL PARTNERS and / or their tracking networks. Please note that you MUST be logged into the quidbit.co.uk website at the moment you click through to the RETAIL PARTNER, so that your transaction can be tracked using the identification tag.

In addition, you must go to the RETAIL PARTNERS website or webshop via the "Get Cashback" buttons on the quidbit.co.uk website. If you go to the RETAIL PARTNERS website or webshop in any other way or have the retailers website or webshop open in another browser or tab, or leave the quidbit.co.uk website before going to the RETAIL PARTNERS website or webshop, no commission or cashback can be earned.

Cashback Payment Method

In order to receive a Cashback payout from QUIDBIT.CO.UK to a bank account, the ACCOUNT HOLDER must first enter his bank details in "My details" in his or her account. This is referred to as your "registered Cashback Payment Method".

Cashback payouts are made on your request. You can request a cashback payment when your AVAILABLE ACCOUNT balance has reached a minimum of £10.00, or when paying out in bitcoins ( ) a minimum of 0.002. Payouts can only be made to your registered Cashback Payment Method, as stated in your ACCOUNT, in bitcoins to a bitcoin address to be provided by the ACCOUNT HOLDER, or to one of the charities available on the payout page. Payments to bank accounts will only be made to banking institutions in the United Kingdom.

Qualifying Transaction

A Qualifying Transaction is a transaction where a Tracked Purchase has been made and the referral fee associated with the purchase of the ACCOUNT HOLDER has been received in its entirety from the RETAIL PARTNER by quidbit.co.uk.